Alienware Laptop Screen Repair

Laptop Tech Guys can diagnose and repair any display issues with your laptop through our professional Alienware laptop screen repair service. We are located in Valencia, California and we provide Alienware laptop repair services to customers all over the United States and Canada. As a specialist laptop screen repair store, we offer quality repair for all models of Alienware laptop computers including M17x R4, Aurora m7700, Aurora m9700, M11x R2, Aurora mALX, M15x, Area-51m, M17X R3, Area 51 M5790, M17X R2, Area 51 M9750, M15x R2, Area-51m 5500, M17x, Sentia m3450, M14x R2, Area-51 m5750, M11x, M3400, M18x, Area 51 M7700, M18x R2, Area 51 M5700, Sentia m3200, M11x R3, M14x, Aurora m7700a and Sentia m3400 notebook models.

Alienware Laptop Screen Repair

At Laptop Tech Guys, we are a team of certified technicians providing high quality technical support for your Alienware laptop screen repair needs. Whether it is a screen backlight issue or a broken screen, we will get your system up and running in less time. Using the most advanced diagnostic and repair technology, we will get to the root of your laptop display problem quickly and we will start the repair process as soon as possible. All our Alienware laptop screen replacement services are covered by a 3 month warranty.

Some of the common laptop screen problems we deal with include:

  • Laptop screen flickers constantly
  • Screen displaying vertical or horizontal lines
  • Laptop screen with dead pixels
  • Screen display is turning black
  • Low contrast laptop displays
  • Scrambled images on laptop screen

Nationwide Alienware Laptop Screen Repair and Replacement

Laptop Tech Guys completely understands how important a fast and reliable repair is, and so we do our best level to ensure that you do not have to wait for a long period. We can complete almost all Alienware laptop screen repair services with same-day turnaround. You can also visit our repair store in Valencia, California and get a quick Alienware laptop screen replacement while-you-wait.

Our mail-in Alienware laptop screen repair solutions are designed to supports our clients across the nation. We offer mail-in repair assistance by the use of FedEx shipping service.

Contact Laptop Tech Guys

If you are interested in having an affordable Alienware laptop screen repair experience with us, please call us on (213) 769-0005. You can also forward your Alienware laptop screen replacement request to Laptop Tech Guys at Our business hours are from Monday to Saturday, 9:00 am to 6.00 pm.