Alienware Laptop Motherboard Repair

Laptop Tech Guys is a California based Alienware laptop repair store, dedicated to provide comprehensive solutions for your Alienware laptop motherboard repair needs. Our aim is to provide the best possible technical repair and support solutions in the minimum time to provide you with prompt services.

At Laptop Tech Guys, we have comprehensive Alienware laptop motherboard repair repair solutions for any kind of fault to your system motherboard; be it with the graphics chipsets or a liquid damaged mainboard component. Every type of motherboard repair work is performed by our certified and skilled technical engineers. Our in-house repair facility is equipped with the latest diagnostic and repair tools including BGA rework stations and reflow systems. We offer quick repair services right down to the component level for all models of Alienware notebook models including M17x R4, Aurora m7700, Aurora m9700, M11x R2, Aurora mALX, M15x, Area-51m, M17X R3, Area 51 M5790, M17X R2, Area 51 M9750, M15x R2, Area-51m 5500, M17x, Sentia m3450, M14x R2, Area-51 m5750, M11x, M3400, M18x, Area 51 M7700, M18x R2, Area 51 M5700, Sentia m3200, M11x R3, M14x, Aurora m7700a and Sentia m3400. We can also perform Alienware laptop motherboard replacement service within the same day, depending on parts availability.

Los Angeles Component Level Alienware Motherboard Repair

We offer efficient Alienware laptop motherboard repair for all types of laptop issues including:

Alienware Laptop Motherboard Repair
  • Laptop has no power
  • Laptop boot up problems
  • Distorted or corrupt graphics
  • Laptop hard drive failure
  • Notebook hanging frequently
  • CD / DVD drive not responding
  • Laptop cooling fan not working
  • Alienware laptop randomly restarts
  • Laptop overheating while playing games

Nationwide Alienware Laptop Motherboard Repair and Replacement

Laptop Tech Guys provides the convenience of local as well as mail-in Alienware laptop motherboard repair service for our customers. You can either drop in to our Valencia store or mail-in your damaged laptop to our store address. We can also make an arrangement to send you a FedEx laptop box with a prepaid label upon your request.

All Alienware laptop motherboard replacement and support services we offer are backed by a 3 month warranty. We can also provide a free estimated cost on laptop motherboard repair services.

Contact Laptop Tech Guys

To schedule a repair or to know more about our Alienware laptop motherboard repair services, give us a call on (213) 769-0005 or send your request to us at You can talk to our expert technicians anytime from 9:00 am to 6.00 pm, Monday through Saturday.