Alienware Laptop Data Recovery

A leading provider of nationwide hard drive data recovery services, Laptop Tech Guys offers specialized solution for your Alienware laptop data recovery needs. We have the most advanced secure facilities and specialized equipment to efficiently recover your valuable data.

As a full-service laptop data recovery service provider, Laptop Tech Guys offers support for all Alienware laptop models including M17x R4, Aurora m7700, Aurora m9700, M11x R2, Aurora mALX, M15x, Area-51m, M17X R3, Area 51 M5790, M17X R2, Area 51 M9750, M15x R2, Area-51m 5500, M17x, Sentia m3450, M14x R2, Area-51 m5750, M11x, M3400, M18x, Area 51 M7700, M18x R2, Area 51 M5700, Sentia m3200, M11x R3, M14x, Aurora m7700a and Sentia m3400. One of the main causes of laptop data loss is physical damage due to accidental dropping of laptop. Liquid spillage can also cause damage to the laptop hard drive and result in data loss. Whatever the cause, we employ comprehensive data recovery techniques to successfully retrieve your critical data. We utilize in-house class 100 clean room facilities to perform professional and specialized Alienware laptop data recovery procedures.

Los Angeles Alienware Notebook Hard Drive Data Recovery

With quick and efficient Alienware laptop data recovery techniques, we can recover data from any data loss situations including:

Alienware Laptop Data Recovery
  • Damaged hard disk heads
  • Accidentally deleted files or folders
  • Bad sectors on hard drive
  • Grinding noises from hard drive
  • Physical damage from fire or water
  • Hard drive not recognized by BIOS
  • Corrupted partition table
  • Blue screen of death error
  • Damage from electrical surges
  • Virus attack issues

Logical and Physical Alienware Hard Disk Data Recovery

Laptop Tech Guys ensures the best Alienware laptop data recovery solutions possible within the shortest turnaround time. Once we have retrieved your data, it will be returned to you in the media of your preference. We can securely provide data through DVD ROMs or external hard disk drives, or by means of FTP transfer.

You can send your damaged Alienware laptop hard drive or send your damaged laptop to our Valencia store. You can also mail-in your laptop from anywhere in USA and Canada. We offer mail-in support through FedEx shipping service. You may also visit us anytime Monday through Saturday, 9:00 am to 6.00 pm.

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To have a word with our Alienware laptop data recovery experts, give us a call on (213) 769-0005. If you require a free quote on laptop hard drive data recovery services, send your request to us at